Planning & Zoning

Facade Improvement Grant Program

Grant funding is available for exterior renovations for business and commercial property owners located in the Main Street District in the City of Greensburg.  Approved renovation projects can receive a maximum of $5,000 in grant funding for a $10,000 facade improvement project.  For more information on the application process and eligibility criteria call the GCDC office at 724-689-0040or e-mail Steve Gifford at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Lynn Armburst, owner of Greensburg Art Supply, received an $811.29 grant for the completion of her storefront renovation including a new awning and business sign. 
Big Check Presentation - JEM Associates

Featured in the photo from left to right are:  Sue Trout City Administrator; Steve Gifford, Executive Director, Greensburg Community Development Corporation (GCDC); Lynn Armburst, owner of Greensburg Art Supply; Mayor Karl Eisaman and Barb Ciampini, Planning Director.

Geoffrey & Cathy Geier

Michael Stewart (pictured with Sue, Steve, Mayor Eisaman and Barb) and Ernie Vallozzi received $5,000 towards restoration to their building front.  Improvements included repainting and updates.

These two projects represent a total of 12 projects completed under the City's Facade Grant Program.  In total, $26,000 in grant funding and $56,000 in private funding resulted in $82,000 in physical improvements to buildings in the downtown area. 



Student Homes

Seton Hill University

In November 2005, the City adopted the student home ordinance as a proactive approach to protect the health, safety and welfare of students and residents in our neighborhoods.  The City's goal is to have students housed in homes or apartments in compliance with proper building codes, i.e., fire detection systems, etc.  Additional concerns include overcrowding and the impact additional parking needs will have on neighborhoods that already have limited on-street parking.

Requirements for student homes include but are not limited to:

  • registration by landlords with the Planning Department before August 1st each year for issuance of a 1-year student home permit based upon an approved code compliance inspection of the premises
  • student homes cannot be located within 500 feet of another student home with the exception of student homes located in the Downtown District
  • no more than five (5) students may occupy a student home
  • a dwelling occupied by two or less graduate students does not constitute a student home
  • adequate off-street parking approval(s) from the Planning Department

Click the following link to register your Student Home:

Student Home Registration Form

Click the following links to access recent amendments adopted by City Council in July 2008:

(Please note:  if you experience difficulty downloading forms or PDF files, right-click on the link and paste it to your desktop to print. Thank you.)

Student Home Ordinance Amendment July 2008
Attachment 265-3 Downtown District Map
Attachment 265-4 Historic  District Map
Attachment 264-4 (2)

Zoning information may be obtained by calling the office at 724-838-4335.

These amendments have been incorporated into the City Code which you may access by clicking this link City Code of Ordinances and searching Chapter 265.   In addition, landlords may also want to review and become familiar with Chapters 205-Property Maintenance, 215-Rental Property and 135-Uniform Construction Codes.