GVFD Museum

Pat Lyons' Antique Pumper - Pittsburgh's First Fire Engine
Museum - Station #4

The Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department Museum was started in 1969 by older members of the fire department wishing to keep alive the history of the fire department maintaining artifacts and antique fire department equipment.

In the mid-80s, the fire museum was closed due to space requirements of the City.  The museum was moved to the Troutman's Department Store.   After the store's closing, the contents were then moved to the Royer's building for safekeeping.

In 1998, space was again provided by the City to house the museum's collection.  Since then, a small group of dedicated firemen and other interested citizens have been working to renovate the museum's new headquarters. Work is completed and the grand re-opening was in September, just in time for the City's Bicentennial celebration.

A new name was given to the museum, Station #4.  The committee chose Station #4 for two reasons:  the museum is located in the fourth ward (behind City Hall), and the Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department does not have a Station #4.

If you'd like to schedule a visit at the Museum, call 724-832-7904 to set up an appointment.