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Barbara J.Ciampini, Planning Director 

Phone:  (724)-838-4335
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Regular office hours:  Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Planning Director manages the daily operations of the Planning and Development Department under the direction of the Mayor and City Administrator and enforces the current Pennsylvania State Uniformed Construction Codes (UCC).  


The City of Greensburg follows the 2009 UCC International Building Codes as required by the State of Pennsylvania.


Under the direction of the Planning Director, two Certified Inspectors perform various State required building inspections, as well as, the inspection and issuance of Health Licenses to food-related operations within the City limits of the City of Greensburg.  Plan reviews and specialized inspections required by the State Uniform Construction Code are conducted by Code.Sys of Pittsburgh, PA.   Most work in the City requiring inspections also requires plans prepared and sealed by a registered design professional, currently registered in Pennsylvania. Contact our office if you have questions whether your office requires a design professional.
RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS:  Residential projects can be dropped off at the Code Administration office and they will be picked up by a representative of Code.Sys for plan review.  Once you have approved plans from one of the 3rd Party Plan Reviewer, you may apply for a permit at the Planning and Development Office.  See the Building Permit form below.
COMMERCIAL PROJECTS:   First, you must send your plans directly to Code.Sys, 321 Grant Ave., Pittsburgh, PA  15209.  Separate fees apply for Code.Sys.  Said fees are the responsibility of the applicant.  Please go to  and click on plan review for commercial to see their application form for submission requirements for your review.  Once you have received approved plans from one of the 3rd Party Reviewer, you may apply for a permit at the City's Planning and Development Department.  
In addition to inspections, the office fields complaints and provides follow-up to property maintenance deficiencies of both residential and commercial properties.

Downloadable Forms:  Click here .

Residents and Landlords please note:  

Be advised in accordance with the Code of the City of Greensburg, 'it is the duty of each and every owner, trustee, lessee, agent and occupant of each and every house, building or other structure in the City to cause the same to be numbered'.  Click the following link for address numbering requirements:   Chapter 119, entitled 'Building, Numbering Of' .

Most permit requirements for home improvement projects and property owner maintenance requirements may be reviewed by clicking the following link:

Copies of all UCC and Property Maintenance Codes and Ordinances are available for review at the Planning & Development Office, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. by appointment.


Bill No. 3 -2015 as Ordinance No. 2048  - Health Care Overlay District

TRID Area Profile
TRID Executive Summary
TRID Financial Plan
TRID Implementation Plan
TRID Needs Assessment
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For current events in and around Greensburg link here to the Greensburg Community Development's latest edition of their newsletter:   'Think Greensburg' newsletter .   

Planning Director:

The Planning Director is dedicated to public service, the orderly and harmonious use of land and improved quality of life for our urban community, its neighborhoods  and future generations.  The Planning Director develops and recommends planning policy to preserve, enhance the City of Greensburg’s quality of life via the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan which provides guidance to all city departments regarding urban design, land use,transportation, housing open space and a variety of other issues.  The Multi-Municipal Plan also develops permanent controls---zoning, planning code controls, and other regulations thatimplement the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive plan, both though community-based planning efforts and citywide initiatives. This work provides a planning framework for managing the City as it continually changes.

Planning Department:

The Planning Department is responsible for the city’s physical and socioeconomic planning including land use and environmental review; preparation of plans and policies; provisions of technical assistance and planning information through the orderly use of land by the stated mission in the  Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan .  The policies and application of these policies set the framework for the planning and zoning regulations. 
Functions of the Planning and Development Department include:
  • Please call the office for Zoning information 724-838-4335

A Vision for Our Community

As a first step in joint planning, the City of Greensburg, Hempfield Township, and Southwest Greensburg Borough were to develop a vision for the future.  In the future, the people from the three municipalities see themselves as one seamless, thriving community.  The community is not defined by the political boundaries of each municipality, but by the places people sleep, work, shop, worship, learn, and play.  The vision is a picture of acommunity that….

  • cherishes it's home town atmosphere where all people enjoy living, working, and playing
  • offers a high quality of life for all people
  • celebrates and embraces the diversity of it's people, culture, and places
  • provides high-quality employment opportunities
  • encourages community partnerships with educational institutions
  • supports a safe and well-planned transportation and public transit system
  • protects it's environment and preserves farmland and open space
  • offers recreational and cultural programs for all age groups
  • ensures that all people have access to safe and varied affordable housing 
  • successfully and efficiently manages government services
  • fosters strong leadership to balance the social, economic, and environmental needs of the community

In the future…

We are one seamless, thriving community.  Our community is a unique place where people enjoy living, working, and playing.  The urban, suburban, and semi-rural areas in our community complement one another.  Businesses and shops are concentrated in and around the revitalized downtown and along major transportation corridors.  People in our community are well educated due to the high-quality educational institutions in the region.  There are good job opportunities in our community and a highly skilled workforce. Our community is welcoming of all people and celebrates diversity in its people and culture.  Overall, the sharing of assets throughout the community results in the efficient use of resources and a high quality of life for the residents.

A Community with a Sense of Place

Our community is special, with unique historic places and cultural events not found anywhere else.  People come to our community to hear the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra, tour our historic districts, and visit the Westmoreland Museum of American Art and Old Hannastown.  Shops, galleries, restaurants,and theaters in the historic downtown district cater to all age groups in our community.  Locally owned businesses contribute to the home town atmosphere and strong sense of community that residents cherish.

Stores and businesses along the major transportation corridors provide residents with convenient access to goods and services.  Commercial and retail development on Route 30, Route 119, and the Hutchinson By-Pass are coordinated on a regional level with the nearby municipalities of North HuntingdonTownship, Irwin, Adamsburg, Jeannette, South Greensburg, and UnityTownship.  As a result, the transportation corridors are safe and aesthetically pleasing. 

The residents value the semi-rural parts of our community.  Farm land and open space are protected to ensure that agriculture remains a viable way of life and economic generator in our community.

Diverse and Affordable Housing with Access to Amenities

Our community has an assortment of housing types that meet the needs of the residents.  Families and individuals have access to affordable and environmentally sound housing and public transportation.  Residents feel safe and comfortable in their homes and neighborhoods, where people know each other and children play.  Our neighborhoods are pleasant places where children walk or bike to school and parks.  Elderly people live throughout our community with easy access to community centers, local shops, and services.  Young professionals and recent college graduates are attracted to the renovated apartment buildings in the urban neighborhoods where cafes, book stores, lofts, and live-work spaces cater to their life styles.

The following is the final document and related materials to the Multi-MunicipalPlan that was adopted by all four municipalities in 2005.  It should also be noted that in April of 2005 this plan received the 'Governor’s Award for Excellence' by the Rendell Administration:

Multi-Municipal Plan

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