Fall Leaf Vacuum Collection


Bagged Leaves:

Residents should call the Street Department at (724) 838-4344 and leave a message when requesting the pickup of bagged leaves placed in biodegradable bags.  Click this link for details:  Brush and Bagged Leaf Collection

Leaf Vacuum Service:

The City's Street Department offers curbside leaf collection from mid-October through the first week in December or until the first significant snowfall. During this timeframe, residents may rake fall leaves onto the street by the curb for removal by the leaf vacuum on their designated weekday(s).  The service runs on a weekly schedule beginning the week of October 16, 2017.  Click on the following link to find out when the leaf vacuum service is in your neighborhood:  Fall Leaf Collection Schedule. If a street is not listed on the schedule, bagged leaves in biodegradable bags placed at the curb may be scheduled for pick up by the Public Works Department by calling 724-838-4344.

Please note: 

The leaf vacuum service pertains to streets only, not alleyways.  In addition, certain high-traffic streets cannot be included on the schedule for this service.  Please do not co-mingle brush and tree branches with leaves.  It will harm the equipment.